Herbal Remedies in Degenerative Diseases Like Arthritis

Herbal Remedies in Degenerative Diseases Like Arthritis
Arthritis can be categorized as a degenerative disease that is caused by the autoimmune reaction which eats away the synovial membrane which releases a fluid that lubricates the joints. The eating away of the synovial membrane makes the movements of these joints gritty and very painful. This disease is most common in elderly patients and is one of the common causes of disability in the geriatrics.

There are different types of arthritis depending upon the symptoms and the severity. Rheumatoid arthritis is a form of arthritis that can also have an effect on the heart valves. Many women suffer from osteoporosis after menopause and it leads to the dissolving of calcium from the bones and further weakens the bones especially the joints. It can precipitate a form of arthritis. Gout is also another kind of arthritis that is caused by the deposition of uric acid on the joints.

The conventional treatments of Arthritis are fraught with side effects and danger. NSAIDs to give relief from pain can cause severe gastric irritation and ulcers in the long run. Steroids also are bad for the kidneys and the heart. Therefore the focus is now to go for the much safer herbal medicines which are effective and are not associated with any side effects.

Herbal Remedies
There are various oils that can be used with confidence for the treatment of arthritis. Sage and Thyme oils have been used with confidence to treat different types of arthritis. A mixture of Sage and Thyme oil in the olive oil base is used for massage on the affected joints. These oils increase the circulation in the affected parts and also give relief from pain by reducing inflammation. Another effective treatment that gives instant relief from the pain of the affected joint is Hot Vinegar Fomentation. Dandelion extracts is a very good diuretic and help to remove the Uric Acid from the blood and thus giving relief from Gouty Arthritis.

More and more research is taking place and many new and potentially beneficial herbal treatments are being discovered. The coming times will see greater use of natural ingredients for treating such chronic diseases like Arthritis.