Treating Acne Naturally

Treating Acne Naturally
Acne can be described as very common skin ailments which can be very disturbing or can affect the person’s self-esteem or confidence. The scars of acne can not only destroy the cosmetic beauty of the person, but it can also scar the conscience, especially of the fairer sex. A visit to the dermatologist can be very expensive as most of the ointments and antibiotics cost a fortune and it cannot be called quite effective.

Natural treatments are better since they do not tackle the symptoms but rather the cause of the acne. Thus acne gives better value treatment at a fraction of the cost.

The following works perfectly and the natural ingredients can be obtained at any grocery store
Tea tree oil — is a very good treatment for acne.
It is a powerful antiseptic and its ingredients are vital to most pathogens which cause acne. If you find the tea tree oil very strong to your skin, you can dilute it with paraffin wax or coconut oil.

Aloe vera – It is also very effective in treating acne and has potent anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action along with astringent properties which helps to narrow the opening of the pores. Aloe Vera is available in various forms but it will be better if you can make a face pack at home with Aloe extracts.

Neem or Margosa — It is a very famous remedy and has been used in the Indian form of medicines for a number of ailments.
The leaves are crushed and applied on the affected parts for some time before washing it away. It can also be used orally for improving the immunity of the body.