Women and Acne Related Problem

Women and Acne Related Problem
Acne is not affecting you physically but it has a psychological effect on you as well. Many people start hiding from the crowd as they feel low in confidence to face people. Everyone desire to have a clean and beautiful face but because of some reason young girl and boy get affected with acne related issue and the worst is after effect many times acne left scars on the face which is permanent.
  • If possible use only herbal or home remedy to treat acne as many chemical based product won't do any good to acne but it chemicals affect your skin or body in some other manner.
  • If the acne problem is getting serious then do consult some physician as it can be a sign of hormonal imbalance which is again not a good sign.
  • Many herbal face washes are available which has no side effects like Himalaya products, Lacto Calamine.
  • Apply face pack one in the week, too much use of face pack dry your skin and rankles will appear soon.
  • Use raw milk on the scars you will find the result in 15 days. Raw milk is best to treat acne scars.