Herbal Tips are Very Useful for Everyone

Herbal Tips are Very Useful for Everyone
Follow these tips, it is very easy to apply and with a perfect result.
  1. If you have pain in your ear then here is one fantastic tip for you that is, just put a bit of Rum in some cotton and keep it in your ear, It will warm but it will reduce your pain and some times it makes completely moved out.
  2. If you have a headache and you want to rid from that then here is one superb tip for you, just take 5 drops of Rosemary oil and mix it into one spoon of olive oil and some lemon juice. You will free from it within a few minutes.
  3. Nails are in trend nowadays and you don’t have those types’ nails then you should follow this tip, Take some lemon juice and let your finger in it. Do it four to five times a week. After that, you will see your nails just in a fresh look.
  4. Now here is granny’s new fantastic tip for you to give you neat, clean and healthy skin. Oatmeal and Bentonite clay is very good for effective for skin. Honey is also a wonderful tonic for skin it will keep your face always glowing
  5. Smile is the best accessory of face, so always we should keep our teeth neat and clean but if your teeth are not good then don’t worry we have a fantastic Idea for you that is, you can use a bit of sodium bicarbonate with your toothpaste when you brushing. You will get shiny teeth But don’t use it every it would be harmful to your teeth.