Alzheimer and Its Herbal and Home Cure

Alzheimer and Its Herbal and Home Cure
This disease affects the brain in a severe way and people in the age group of 65 are the ones who suffer from it the most. Though; this is not strictly true. After a certain age a person tends to forget things very fast and this due to plaques and tangles in the brain. All these dysfunctions may lead to a slow and lingering death.

Nature is the only answer to minimize the effects of this ailment
It should be made certain that such a person remains as close to nature as possible. Nature has a very soothing effect in the brain cells and this exactly what a person suffering from Alzheimer requires. This is Natures own herbal treatment. The aroma that comes from the various wild herbs is good to inhale by every human being as it is. Further while trekking you might discover some herb; which could be a potent herbal treatment for an ailment like Alzheimer.

Further, the patient should be given mental succor at all times
The person’s diet should also be taken care of carefully. A Psychologist might prove to be helpful at times; however, it is not worth the while on most occasions. Nature’s treatment comes in most handy here. The fresh air of the woods in the mornings is the best herbal cure for Alzheimer. The person taking care of someone suffering from Alzheimer should make it certain that milk should be given to the person regularly. The person in question mayhaw and hum at first; however, the imbibing of milk is imperative.