Herbal Treatment for Aphonia

Herbal Treatment for Aphonia
Aphonia simply means that the ailing person is unable to speak. It is more chronic than dysphonia. The cause of this disease is attributed to the bacterial infection of the laryngeal nerve. There are many causes for this; like surgery and tumor. Is a mentally retarded person suffering from aphonia then the condition known as functional aphonia?

Further injuries to the tongue may also lead to aphonia. 
If a person happens to be a nervous wreck; then the inability to speak comes naturally. However, the condition is curable and the beat form to cure aphonia is by herbal treatment. Speech therapy might help at times, then again it might not. So, the best resort is herbal treatment.
The herbal treatment for aphonia is bit bothersome though, as it requires a concoction of a whole lot of herbs. 

You would need to make tea out of
  • Cicada Slough (ChanTui)
  • 7g Talcum (HuaShi)
  • Boat Sterculia Seed (Pang Da Hai) 4 pieces
  • White Mulberry Leaf (SangYe) 5g
  • Mint 5g and Ophiopogon Tuber (Mai Dong) 10Gms.
Drink this tea thrice daily and the symptoms of aphonia would be resolved in four days. This herbal treatment has been tried by a score of people and the results have been in the affirmative.