How to Completely Eliminate Belly to Get Rid of Constipation?

How to Completely Eliminate Belly to Get Rid of Constipation?
Easy to drum up a lot of female belly bulge, in fact, it is not necessarily the abdominal fat, may also be caused by constipation. So how can we do quickly and effectively eliminate constipation?

Boiled water laxative thin belly
Simple laxative way up each morning, drink a few glasses of water, you can successfully purge. Drink plenty of water. Not only guarantee the human body but can also play a diuretic, detoxifying, eliminating the role of body wastes.

Also known as radish, sub-white, blue, red and other varieties, can be eaten raw, can be cooked, the VC content of pears 10 times together with the VC-containing enzymes, and with interferon inducer, with anti-virus, anti-cancer, eat raw radish of spicy, sweet, cool, elimination of toxins, phlegm, fever, detoxification, treatment of bronchitis and cough, and spicy elements contained in wooden material have anti-cancer effects, and rich in vitamin C. Radish can be laxative, anti-bacterial, anti-gallstone formation, cholesterol, can prevent hypertension and coronary heart disease. Raw carrot laxative, eat about half a catty.

Raw cabbage Cabbage is a popular dish. It is slightly cold, sweet, with detoxification in addition to heat. Tom Lee gastrointestinal function. Who upset thirst, poor stool, urine yellow who can eat a small cabbage.

Cabbage contains more crude fiber, also contains vitamins A, B, C, especially vitamin C, cabbage cellulose can promote intestinal peristalsis, help digestion and prevent dry stool.

Raw cabbage, cabbage can not destroy nutrients, very effective laxative. Every time you eat cabbage catty. Whenever my mother felt the stool, but it does not come out, she would drink water while eating cabbage, and soon to be out.

ZucchiniPumpkin, also known as the Americas, Western pumpkin, also called melon stir. Approximately 100 Alexis gourd moisture 94 g or more, it is low-calorie food, vitamin A content of more, the rest of the vitamins and minerals and Cucurbita maxima similar to potassium and magnesium at higher rates. Its quality is better than Hubbard. It also contains more cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin, and pectin. These substances can not be digested enzyme hydrolysis but can promote bowel movement, help feces. Sometimes my mother raw zucchini, the effect is better than cooked food, you can also use it to make soup to eat laxative.

Mainly refers to the bean sprouts, bean sprouts, though derived from soybeans, mung beans, they surpassed them a nutritional edge. In addition to more cellulose, the beans in the germination process, plant clotting acid disappear soon. Since enzymes promote the degradation of phytic acid, more phosphorus, zinc and other minerals are released, is the body.

In particular, high vitamin C content, low-fat food is low heat, cheap. Yin laxative diuretic. Fat and carbohydrate contained in a few essential trace elements. Eat bean sprouts can prevent colon cancer, stomatitis, improve brain function and so on. Bean soup, do not cook the stick, can be cooked.

Tomatoes, seaweed soupNutritious, nutritionist unanimously recognized. Per 100 grams of water containing 94.4 g tomatoes, protein 0.9 g, fat 0.2 g, dietary fiber 0.5 grams, 3.54 grams of carbohydrates, yet contains carotene, vitamin B1, B2, vitamin C, vitamin P, and calcium, phosphorus, iron ore substances. Tomatoes of sweet, sour, slightly cold, thirst, stomach and digestion, cooling Pinggan, detoxify, reduce the effect of blood pressure, hypertension, diabetes, the kidneys of patients have a good adjuvant therapy.

US-based Chinese scholars found that, for tomatoes, the cooked food nutritional value than the raw total is higher. Although the heating process will result in tomatoes in vitamin C content decreased, the tomatoes, lycopene and other antioxidants have occurred in a significant increase.

Lycopene is an antioxidant, can reduce the suffering from cancer and heart disease risk. More and more evidence that people are now the main need is a variety of antioxidants, and some fruits and vegetables in antioxidant vitamin C’s contribution is very small. Seaweed rich in iodine, calcium, iron, also rich in vitamins A, B, seaweed is also rich in choline, and choline is an important nerve cell to transmit information of chemical substances, to enhance people’s memory, prevent memory loss have a good effect.

Peanuts mixed with celery Peanut oil is rich in fat, protein body of the eight essential amino acids, vitamin E. B1. K and iron, calcium, phospholipids. Peanuts can be laxative for constipation, dry bowel. Peanuts can also lower cholesterol. Prevention of hypertension. Celery is nutritious. Containing protein, is a low sugar Low-fat variety of free amino acids, vitamins of the vegetables. It contains vitamin P has reduced capillary permeability, protects and increases the resistance of small blood vessels, strengthens the role of vitamin C with blood pressure.

Celery contains a lot of cellulose, can promote gastrointestinal motility, promoting stool. These are the two foods beneficial health aspects of diabetes. However, high-fat peanuts, contain calories per twenty-two is 2012 KJ, twenty-two rice heat 518 kJ, a diabetes diet is an important principle is to control calories. Peanuts each put 20 (large grain) of about less than two and a half, with the heat of about 200 KJ, wash and cut celery forty-two.

Put peanuts into the casserole in the appropriate water, cook the peanuts, add celery and then boil, add a little soy sauce. Monosodium glutamate can eat, soup bite. (No salt, and any other spices) and a delicious dish. Producing simple, treat edema caused by diabetes. Buck. Laxative.

Kelp carrot soup Nutrient-rich seaweed is rich in iodine, calcium, copper, tin and other trace elements in seaweed foods that can protect epithelial cells from oxidation. Kelp contains almost no fat and a lot of cellulose, alginate gum and a variety of essential trace elements, so there are “longevity food” reputation. Effect of seaweed taste salty, cold, with phlegm, softening, heat lower blood pressure.

Although iodized salt contains iodine, but also mixed with a chloride salt on the body is undoubtedly detrimental to the best source of kelp is iodine. It is a lot of fiber for constipation that has a good effect. Seaweed and radish soup, cut into blocks, put the sesame oil or peanut oil is more conducive to purge. Sakura called radish leaves. Radish leaves, there is digestion. Qi. Tongue function. Constipation medicine is a cure, some people throw away the carrot cherry pity. Cherry radish and radish soup with a can and kelp.

Fungus cabbage soupFungus, sweet. Rich in protein, iron, phosphorus, vitamin B and other brain needs nutrients, including vitamin B2 content is much higher than the vegetables, laxative. Chinese medicine, cabbage, sweet and slightly cold, a stomach fluid, except for the annoying thirst, diuretic, and laxative, detoxification function.

Fried cabbage fungus in the north of the dishes, do the fungus if the cabbage soup, not only nutritious, black fungus with a strong nourishment, blood treatment blood, nourishing yin, stomach laxative, educational and other brain functions, suitable for anemia , physically weak and sick, insomnia, chronic gastritis, hypertension, leukopenia, chronic bronchitis and other illnesses.

Black fungus has the anti-cancer effect of polysaccharides that can be used as therapeutic cancer patients. Black fungus is a tonic in the gum that can be left in the digestive tract of the impurities, the waste excreted adsorption, play a “street sweeper” role. Two types of food soup will be a superimposed laxative effect.