7 Easy Ways to Make Your Face Thinner

7 Easy Ways to Make Your Face Thinner

Lose weight — not an easy task, especially if you do not like only one part of your face. After all, we lose weight immediately in the whole body, and not just on the stomach or on the sides. Therefore, a full face is so difficult to change and it is so annoying. However, this can be dealt with...

1. Face Exercises

Gymnastics for the face helps to look better, fight the age and make muscles stronger.

Separate studies say that regular exercise improves the tone of the facial muscles, making the face look thinner.

The main exercises are:

  • Blow your cheeks — both first, then each in turn.
  • Gather your lips to a point, and then, without unclenching them, move this «a point» from side to side.
  • Grit your teeth and smile broadly. Hold your face in this position for a few seconds.

Gymnastics for the face makes facial muscles denser, making the face look younger. But you need to do so twice a day at least for eight weeks.

True, studies so far do not say anything about whether facial exercises help burn fat. But muscle tonus will not hurt, and muscles full of energy will make the face more toned.

2. Cardio Every Day

Cardio Every Day

Most often, excess fat on the face — this is just a consequence of being overweight. Losing weight always affects all parts of the body, so if you lose weight, then the face will change.

Cardio training — these are aerobic exercises in which the heartbeat is significantly increased. And this is one of the most effective ways to lose weight: the role of cardio in weight loss has been confirmed by many research. The more regular and intensive you exercise, the more weight you lose.

In the fight against extra pounds, the main thing is constancy. 150–300 minutes of cardio per week — the norm that helps to lose weight. 

Jogging, swimming, biking and walking at a fast pace — it's all cardio. Try to walk to work or overcome at least some part of the path without transport. 

3. Water, water and again water

Water Girl

No, you need to drink not eight glasses of water per day. There is no need to observe this norm, but thirst cannot be experienced. How to understand if you drink enough? Put a bottle or cup of water on the table and take a sip every time you want to chew something, you feel tired or uncomfortable. You want to drink further — drink.

Do not lose weight without the proper amount of fluid.

And it doesn’t matter if we are talking about a person or about something else. One small study found that drinking water at breakfast reduces calorie intake by 13%. Regular intake of sufficient water speeds up metabolism, i.e. helps burn more calories and lose weight.

If there is always enough fluid, then the body does not need to retain water. And this means that there will be swelling, from which the face swells less.

4. No Alcohol

No Alcohol

Any excess dose of alcohol can cause swelling on the face. And since the reaction is different for everyone, some people even have a glass of wine at dinner.

Alcoholic beverages are full of calories, even more in snacks, so drink — one of the reasons for the inconspicuous set weights.

Keep yourself in control and do not drink if you want to see a slender face in the mirror.

5. Less Simple Carbohydrates

Less Simple Carbohydrates

Nothing new: sugar, pastries and cheap pasta — sources of empty calories. Little sense, a lot of fat.

After cleaning the raw materials in these products, no useful nutrients and fiber remain. And since there is no fiber, they are digested quickly, increasing blood sugar levels. Then it falls just as quickly, and this causes hunger. S

There is not a single study that would reveal the effect of simple carbohydrates specifically on facial fat. But logic suggests that if you replace simple carbohydrates with complex carbohydrates, it will help to lose weight.

6. Full sleep

Those who sleep little gain weight. And vice versa.

We often «have» lack of sleep, and this leads to the fact that excess weight settles on cheeks. Lack of sleep increases blood cortisol levels — it is a stress hormone. And one of the side effects of his presence in the body — set weights.

Studies show that high levels of cortisol slow down metabolism, which is why calories are not processed but stored in the form of fat.

But a full sleep helps to lose kilograms. Ideal target — it's still eight hours of good rest.

7. Less Salt

Less Salt

One of the signs that you eat too much salt, — edema, and they appear including on the face. Therefore, it looks swollen. Due to excess salt, water is retained in the body, and excess accumulates in the tissues liquid.

It is impossible without salt: it is also harmful. But different snacks and convenience foods usually contain too much of it. Refuse canned food, chips, and sausages — this will already be enough, to notice the difference. In a couple of weeks, the face will look thinner.

What to remember?

It is impossible to make so that only the face has lost weight.

But to the usual weight loss recipes — cardio, balanced diet, sleep — You can add a couple of tips specifically for the face:

  • Gymnastics for facial muscles to tone the face.
  • Rejection of excess salt to remove the swelling.