6 Tips to Avoid Bloating at Night and Stimulate Weight Loss

6 Tips to Avoid Bloating at Night and Stimulate Weight Loss

Evenings and nights can be spent in different ways: going on dates, watching TV shows, reading or talking on the phone. It is good for your mood. But why not devote a piece of this time to your health and tune your body to weight loss? Here are six simple tips to help you become a little slimmer and more attractive every day...

1. Use a low sodium diet

«If you don’t want to feel like a balloon in the morning — give up salt at dinner», — advised by Keri Gans, a well-known American nutritionist, health nutrition speaker, and author of Small Change Diet. Excess salt traps water in the body, leading to bloating and swelling of the legs. It is better to cook steamed vegetables or lean meat, without adding salt or seasonings based on it.

2. Work out for the night  

Exercise before dousing — faithful help in losing weight. However, not everyone will be able to wake up early in the morning in order to properly train. It’s even more difficult to find at least an hour during working hours, and looking at night we don’t want to disperse the blood so as not to lose sleep. By the way, the last statement — nothing but a delusion. According to a study by the US National Sleep Foundation, physically active people are 60% more likely to be happy with their sleep. It doesn’t matter what time of day they exercise. Therefore, do not worry about your vacation and skip the evening battles with extra pounds.

3. Make tomorrow's lunch todaylunch today

The regular snack in the cafeteria contains a double portion of calories, which you are supposed to eat in one sitting. Of course, this does not fit in with the weight loss program. Therefore, it is better to take food from home for lunch. And do not postpone cooking for an already difficult morning. Take the habit of doing this the night before.

4. Drink more water 

H₂O normalizes the function of excretory organs and suppresses appetite. A series of studies in which people of different age groups took part showed that drinking water before meals reduces the eaten amount. And this leads to weight loss. The only correction: do not abuse drinking at night, so as not to bother yourself going to the toilet under the moonlight. Therefore, Keri Hans advises stopping at least an hour before bedtime...

5. Sleep in total darkness 

In the dark, the body produces melatonin. This hormone is usually associated with sound sleep. However, laboratory experiments on our smaller brothers throw up other interesting knowledge. Firstly, a lack of melatonin leads to weight gain. Secondly, melatonin stimulates the formation of brown adipose tissue, which is found in all mammals. Brown fat, in turn, prevents obesity by burning white fat hanging from all sides of the body. Of course, this is not direct evidence, but do not forget that many nutritionists associate quality sleep with a reduction in stress. And nervous shocks, as you know, foster love for the refrigerator.

6. Relax in the cool Gril Relax

The idea of burning more calories during sleep may seem too good to be true, but studies by the US National Center for Biotechnology Information have found an interesting fact: people who were asleep at 18 °C, burned 7% more calories than those who slept at 24 °C.