6 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism

6 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism

Eat chocolate, eat dinner after eight, and do other nice things that will save your excess weight...

To lose weight, all you need is — speed up metabolism. Such a stereotype exists among those who set themselves the goal of getting rid of extra pounds. And partly the thesis is true: the more actively the body processes food into energy, the easier excess fat deposits evaporate from the surface of the body.

Metabolism, on the other hand — a complex, extremely individual and incompletely studied thing, not always amenable to effective correction.

However, temporarily boost metabolism there is still a chance.

1. Eat Dark Chocolate

That chocolate with increased (from 70%) cocoa content helps to cope with stress. 

Scientists have found: enough to eat 40  grams of chocolate each day— and in just two weeks your metabolism will get decent acceleration.

Including this is due to the normalization of the sensitivity of cells to insulin. As a result, the body processes food more actively into energy rather than fat.

2. Give the sport a minimum of time

10-15-minute active workout in terms of speeding up metabolism is often more effective than an hour of jogging or some thoughtful yoga of the same duration.

In the USA, high-intensity interval training has been popular for a long time). These are exercises in which short periods of maximum activity alternate with short periods of rest.

Quickly squeezed from the floor 20 times — rested 20 seconds — pressed again 20 times. Jumped the rope for a minute at maximum speed — rested 15 seconds — again a minute of jumping. four-five such cycles once a day (or even once every couple of days) are enough to significantly accelerate metabolism in two weeks.

The reasons for acceleration are different. In particular, lipid and glucose uptake is improved. — those «bricks», of which, if they are not assimilated, and fat is added. In addition, the body gets used to consuming more oxygen — the main fat burner. Because of this, calorie consumption after a short but intense workout increases dramatically and for a long time (for a period from a couple of hours to a day). Speaking of oxygen…

3. Breathe deeper

Sometimes you read about another diet — and I just want to breathe. And it is right! Deep breathing — a much more effective way to lose weight than strict dietary restrictions (generally, strict diets are more likely to make you better than losing weight).

And the logic here is simple: the deeper you breathe, the more oxygen gets into the blood and the more actively the process of processing food, including fats and sugar, into energy.

4. Drink cold water

Everyone losing weight must have heard: if you drink a glass of water for 20–30 minutes before eating then you eat less. But did you know that if you drink water directly from the refrigerator, it will at least double the effect?

Coldwater will not only fill the stomach (which means you will feel full) but also make the body spend extra calories to warm up. Half a liter of such water — and the metabolic rate will increase by 30%. Until you get warm.

5. Eat before bedtime

From the point of view of those who seek to maintain or lose weight, it sounds blasphemous. But scientists from the University of Florida found that a light snack before bedtime can improve nighttime metabolism, in particular, activate fat processing.

The study was conducted with the participation of men suffering from obesity, and, of course, needs to be re-examined on more average people, but still, its results make sense to take into account.

Yes! A light snack in this context — this portion is not more than 150 kcal with a predominance of protein.

6. Get enough sleep

Lack of sleep — the right way to slow down metabolism and gain weight. In particular, lack of sleep dramatically lowers leptin levels. — an important hormone that regulates energy intake and appetite.

In order not to insert sticks into the wheels of your own metabolism, try regularly and get enough sleep. Remember: in the matter of normalizing weight, it is no less important than regular training and a balanced diet.