Do I Need to Drink 2 Liters of Water Per Day?

Do I Need to Drink 2 Liters of Water Per Day?

How much water does the body actually need, does coffee count towards the offset, and what flows from the water supply — We understand the main things you need to know about water.

How much water does my body need?

There is an obvious rule: the body needs as much water as it loses. It all depends on the organism itself and the situation. For example, if the air temperature is +16–18°C and you do not have strong physical exertion — then your daily allowance «consumption» equals approximately 40 ml of water per kilogram of weight. That is, if you weigh 60 kg, you need 2.4 liters of water from all sources. But the hotter and drier the air and the higher your physical activity, the more fluid your body spends.

 The exact indicator depends on many factors, so it is almost impossible to calculate, and it is not necessary. In a healthy person, the feeling of thirst is triggered whenever the body needs water. Therefore, it is enough to drink when you feel like it.

So, if I don’t feel like it, I don’t need to specifically drink a few liters of water per day?

Yes, in normal conditions there is no such need. Water contains almost all food, add to this the drinks that you usually consume during the day, and it is quite possible that you will already get the amount of water you need. the main thing — Do not neglect the feeling of thirst. You wanted to take a sip of water — be sure to do.

What happens if I get less water than I use up?

There is a risk that you may feel tired and dizzy, you will not be able to concentrate on the task, and your mood will deteriorate — these all are symptoms of dehydration. Of course, we are talking only about a small imbalance in water consumption. Prolonged dehydration poses a serious threat to health.

And if I drink more water than necessary?

If you drink a little more water than you need at this moment, then nothing bad will happen, the body will remove all the excess. But the rule «everything is good in moderation» works here too. Excess water intake is an excessive load on the body.   

It is better to drink mineral water or plain water?

Mineral water often contains more than one gram of minerals per liter. In a bottle of medicinal-table or medicinal mineral water, there can be half the daily norm of mineral components, or even more. That is, for normal hydration purposes, it is better not to use therapeutic mineral water. If you like the taste of mineral water, choose a dining room for everyday consumption: it is the most neutral by the number of salts. The type of mineral water (canteen, canteen or medicinal) is always indicated on the label.   

Okay, Quality water for every day — what is she like?

This is pure drinking water, the total mineralization of which should be no more than 1 gram per liter. It can be drunk every day as much as the body requires.

Carbonated or not?

As you like more. Sparkling drinking water — it is water saturated with carbon dioxide. However, people with diseases of the digestive system should consult a specialist.

What about tap water?

Water leaves clean and safe water treatment plants. You can safely drink it. The chemical composition of the water entering the water supply system is regulated by sanitary standards, compliance with which is constantly and strictly monitored. However, in settlements with a worn-out communal system, there is a risk that water will receive mechanical impurities, such as rust, on the way to the consumer. This is possible after repair work in the networks. You can get rid of mechanical impurities if you pass water through a regular filter jug or let the water stand a little, but it’s better to quench your thirst with high-quality bottled water.

True, I consist of water by 80%?

Not really. The total amount of water in the body of an adult is, according to various sources, 50–70% depending on age and gender.