Why do Not Squeeze Acne?

Why do Not Squeeze Acne?

About how acne is filled and why it is better not to touch them.

Squeezing acne is in itself disgusting. At the same time, it brings a very peculiar satisfaction: whatever you say, it is nice to see how the skin gets rid of all muck. What exactly this muck consists of depends on the type of skin defect.

Open (black dots) and closed comedones (whiteheads)

Both types of comedones have the same filling: dead skin cells, propionic bacteria (bacteria that live on the skin) and sebum.

Many people think that the black dots are clogged with dirt, but this is not so. The dark color of open comedones is due to the fact that they are oxidized by direct contact with oxygen. Whiteheads are under the skin and therefore remain white.

Papules and pustules

Sometimes clogged acne become inflamed, redness, pain, and suppuration appear. In this case, you are dealing with papules or pustules. Papules are reddened dense balls on the surface of the skin, which can sometimes be painful to touch. Pustules — these are acne with a white head filled with pus and redness around it.

Cysts and Nodules

These are the most unpleasant types of skin inflammation, which are essentially a more severe case of papules and pustules. Cysts and nodules are characterized by inflammation and pain. Nodules — it’s hard to touch them and very painful. Nodules are deep under the skin, and the cysts are also filled with pus.

Whatever the pimple, squeeze it out

Most doctors, including specialists from the American Academy of Dermatology, agree that it is better to contact a dermatologist with any skin problems.

When you try to squeeze out a pimple yourself with clean, but still not sterile hands, you risk introducing infection and aggravating the inflammation. 

In addition, getting rid of acne without the use of appropriate tools, you can earn lifelong scars.

The doctor will quickly and completely remove comedones with a special spoon or loop. Treatment of more serious inflammations, such as nodules and cysts, is carried out by injection, and in some cases, the surgical opening of the inflamed area of the skin is required.

But the main means for the speedy healing of acne — it is patience and self-control. Do not pick or rub the problem area, attach a piece of ice to reduce pain and swelling, and do not neglect pharmacy remedies to combat acne.