Gout Remedies: That Treat Gout Symptoms Without Harmful Drugs

Gout Remedies: That Treat Gout Symptoms Without Harmful Drugs
Before discussing gout remedies, it would be best to know a little more about what gout actually is. Gout is a type of arthritis, that has been prevalent for more than 2000 years and is generally associated with pain and inflammation of the joints, particularly with the big toe. It then slowly progresses towards other joints. It can be quite painful and can lead to other complications, particularly related to kidneys, if not treated properly.

Causes of Gout:

Known by many as the “disease of the wealthy”, gout often results from an ongoing sedentary lifestyle that includes the intake of rich foods and a lack of proper exercise. In many cases, it can also be due to heredity, excessive alcohol consumption, protein-rich foods and an assortment of stress-related factors.

When there is an abnormal accumulation of uric acid in the bloodstream, gout often occurs.  This can happen due to the consumption of high levels of foods like red meat, shellfish, poultry or sucrose derivatives. Learn more about the top diet for gout tips.

Natural Gout Remedies That Relieve Gout Symptoms

  • Increased intake of cherries can go a long way in keeping gout at bay. A count of 25 cherries a day should be ideal and then, after a period of two weeks, decrease the number to around 10 per day.
  • Raw vegetable juices of carrots, cucumbers, and beets can greatly help.
  • Eat an apple with the skin after meals, preferably after each meal for neutralizing the uric acid.
  • Mix half a lime juice in a glass of water and drink it.  This will help relieve your gout symptoms.
  • A strict diet of plain bananas, around 8-9 per day can be very useful in relieving gout (this could be continued for a period of 3-4 days).
  • For relieving pain, try Devilís Claw, which is an extract of the grapple plant.
  • A regular intake of 500mg of Vitamin C can also be helpful in reducing the uric acid levels, thereby relieving gout
  • Olive leaf extract can also be used in the treatment of gout, apart from infections and fever.
  • Juice of French Beans are also known to be effective Gout Home Remedies. Just drinking half a cup of this juice every day for a month can help in treating gout.
  • Charcoal Bath is yet another home remedy. Just mix one-half cup of charcoal powder and water into a paste and place the affected area onto the basin or container. Ensure that your affected part is completely immersed and keep it in for about half an hour to one hour for relief.

It should be noted that when the joints are affected by an excess of crystallized uric acid, gout can occur and if left untreated, can lead to kidney problems. And although middle-aged men are more often afflicted with gouty arthritis, women nearing their menopause stage are often at risk as well. It is advisable to follow these gout remedies to keep it at bay.

Unfortunately, our culture’s current trend toward low-quality fast food and our younger generation’s craving for television and video games appears to have shown that gout may be affecting people at earlier ages. Youngsters seem to be glued to their color screens and have no wish to burn off the extra calories.

The best gout solution is preventative. Choose a lifestyle that will eliminate gout from your life.  Eat well, but wisely and exercise regularly to keep yourself fit and healthy. Check out my gout remedy review of The Gout Remedy Report to learn more gout remedies and how I gained my freedom from gout for good.