What Are Flu Like Symptoms: The Trickiest Part Clarified

What Are Flu Like Symptoms: The Trickiest Part Clarified
A few days ago, I did a post about flu symptoms, the brat diet and how viral infections spread.  Typical of my usual style, as I went off on a slight tangent, I failed to mention a key part of the discussion.  Specifically, related to how the cold and the flu spreads and the timing related to the window when you are most contagious.

So to clarify my original point, and because I received a handful of emails asking additional health-related questions (some on topic the spreading of influenza viruses as they relate to 2011 flu symptoms, and a couple slightly off topic which I’ll expand on in future posts), here’s one of the trickiest parts of diagnosing, curing, stopping the spread of such contagious viruses and getting over the cold or flu, to date:

Let’s use YOU as an example here.  Suppose you are just minding your business, doing all the things you normally do in, say, a typical workday.  Get up, maybe kiss your spouse, significant other, parents, or kids.  Maybe eat breakfast, grab a cup from the cupboard, utensils from the drawer, cereal box, fresh juice, and eat it while reading the paper or surfing the latest news online, or maybe a bit of channel flipping with remote in hand, before opening the door and heading to your car.

Now, you feel just fine.  No cold or flu symptoms to speak of.  Feeling good and healthy.  Not even a suspicion of being ill, or feeling sickness coming on.

You’re not sick today.  But tomorrow flu symptoms pop-up and you start feeling sick.  So naturally, you might react a bit different, knowing you are NOW coming down with something.  Right?  You might avoid people, or be more conscious about staying extra healthy, or doing more preventative acts, because those cold symptoms are making you feel less than normal, and red-flagging you to something being a bit off.  Maybe you have a runny nose, or a sore throat, or a headache coupled with a fever.

Well here’s the real kicker of that scenario: the time when you are most contagious, is the day before your symptoms appeared!  Yes, the day when you were touching things and behaving as if you were not sick, is the time you are most contagious and spreading your cold pretty much wherever you go, depending on your lifestyle, routine and habits.

Sure, you can remain contagious for about a week while you are sick and feeling sick, but it’s that twenty-four hour period (24 hours) right before you actually feel sick that the influenza virus as spreading from you in rapid force.

Pretty tough to combat, eh?  Even with the best intentions, most don’t even know they are doing more harm than good…