High Fiber Foods For Good Health

High Fiber Foods For Good Health
Our bodies are a result of what we make it, which is most times, not a pretty sight. Skipping out on essential nutrients which the body requires on a daily basis to function properly, we have managed to become a picture of poor health and subtle changes are not enough. Most times when we try changing out diet our main focus is always on the high protein, vitamins and cut down on the carbohydrate consumption, but rarely do we understand the benefits and requirements of high fiber foods in our diet.

The Benefits
What most people do not know is the fact that high fiber foods play an important part in getting us up to speed with our bodies and they are the important ingredient that helps us with a multitude of benefits which include :

  • Bowel Movement – perhaps one of the biggest reasons for discomfort and our low fiber diet is the main culprit behind it. As people tend to increase high fiber products into our diet, their bowel movement becomes normal. This not only helps to normalize bowel movement but also gives some much-needed relief.

  • Cholesterol – One of the biggest problems put forward by many foods today, cholesterol is without a doubt one of the biggest threats anyone can face. One of the main benefits of fiber is that instead of adding on to the unwanted cholesterol, it helps reduce it and decreases health risks.

  • Weight Loss – It may come as a surprise to many to know that while on a diet it is not the consumption of proteins that help with weight loss, but it is the increased consumption of high fiber food sources that help weight loss. Many times improper bowel movements make the body absorb the excrements into our body, which results in weight gain. But when a bowel movement is proper, the body is restrained from consuming unwanted waste products into the body.

The Dark Side
It goes without saying that too much of anything can become bad and this applies to the excess consumption of fiber foods. If you increase the intake of foods with high fiber beyond the recommended diet plan, then be prepared to face some serious consequences which include:

  • Constipation – Too many, it may sound like a contradiction, but the fact remains too much-unwanted fiber in your diet can soak up an excessive amount of fluid from your body and make you constipated. Which is why it is extremely important to consult a dietician to understand the proper fiber intake that will be healthy for you.

  • Elimination of Good Cholesterol – It is a well-known fact that foods that contain high fiber are good at eliminating cholesterol, but what many people don’t know that this elimination process is so powerful that it also ends up removing all the good cholesterol from your system, which removes impurities from your blood.

Foods With High Fibre
Even though the list of high fiber foods can become quite long, there are few types that can be more beneficial than the other. This list of foods with high fiber is as follows:

 Apple with Skin
  1.     Banana
  2.     Pear with Skin
  3.     Lentils
  4.     Beans
  5.     Oatmeal
  6.     Brown Rice
  7.     Whole Wheat Products
  8.     Avocado
  9.     Corn