The Hidden Causes of Your Inability to Lose Weight

The Hidden Causes of Your Inability to Lose Weight
A lot of people, both men, and women alike are exasperated because no matter how much they give their best efforts to losing weight, they still find themselves not satisfied about the results of their diets and hours of exercising and strength training. If you are one of those people who find it hard to shed pounds no matter how little food you eat or how many hours you spend on the gym, you should read this and pay attention.

It Must Be In Your Genes
There are really some people who have genes that make them lose weight harder than other people. However, do not blame your parents or ancestors for this. If you suspect that heredity is the reason why you don’t lose enough weight, then you might want to rethink your goals. Instead of looking at the scales to determine the perfect weight for you, why not look at your dress size or your general health.

Not everybody is made to be as thin as Keira Knightley. Some people are designed to be voluptuous, especially if you are Latina. Jennifer Lopez and Salma Hayek are examples of women who have come to terms with their heredity and accepted the fact that their buttocks and thighs will never be wafer-thin. However, they are still looked upon as two of the most desirable women in the world.

Underlying Medical Conditions
A lot of men and women who are heavy are usually criticized and ridiculed by their peers or friends because of their weight. However, not all of them became fat as a result of laziness and gluttony. There are quite a number of obese individuals who are suffering from medical conditions that make it harder for them than most people to lose weight and burn fat.

If you have been starving yourself and driving yourself nuts with strength training and exercise routines and still cannot lose even a few pounds, then it is time for you to head to your doctor. Aside from providing you with more nutritious ways of dieting and healthy exercises and physical activities, your doctor will also know what tests you need to take to make sure that your inability to lose weight is indeed due to medical problems like hypothyroidism. More often than not, once you have addressed your medical condition and adopt sensible eating and exercise habits, you will surely be on your way to shedding some pounds.

Lack Of Physical Activities
Although dieting can really help a lot in making you lose excess pounds, this would not be enough in burning your fat. Furthermore, simply cutting down on your calorie-intake will not provide you with a more permanent weight loss. A few weeks after you go back to your old ways of eating ice cream and other fatty foods, you will surely gain the pounds you lost and probably even more.

What you need, along with a sensible diet, is a lot of physical activities. For starters, you can walk or jog around for about 30 minutes every day. Afterward, you might want to increase the intensity of your workout. For people who are not fond of going to the gym, find activities that will make you sweat and make your heart beat faster. Playing sports, dancing with friends, mountain climbing, playing with your kids, and even having sex can all provide you the workout that your body needs. Just ensure that you sustain the activity for at least 30-45 minutes each session.

Sleep Deprivation
People who are often sleep deprived are also overweight or obese. In fact, many who have suddenly had to work during graveyard shifts find themselves suddenly developing beer bellies or fat thighs. If you are interested in maintaining your health and shedding some excess pounds, you have to ensure that you sleep at least eight hours every day.