What Is the Vegan Diet Plan?

What Is the Vegan Diet Plan?
For many people, a Vegan Diet Plan is their chosen lifestyle. Vegan eating is not a new concept; however, it has become more widely accepted. As celebrities continue either to endorse this eating plan, for long-term use or to “detox”, the general population continues to be exposed to the health benefits. This lifestyle that at one time was thought of as “hippy” is now considered “hip.”

Vegan vs Vegetarian
The essential difference between the two is milk and eggs. A person following a vegan lifestyle does not eat anything that contains the flesh of an animal as well as any products that come from animals, such as milk and eggs. Products such as cookies, crackers, baked goods, and boxed dinners, for example, all have either eggs or a milk product. As this lifestyle has gotten more popular, many food companies have produced new foods to replace foods containing animal-based ingredients. There is milk (soy, almond, coconut), soy “cheese”, soy-based sour “cream”, and pasta just to name a few.

Should I become vegan?
There are many reasons one may choose to follow this eating lifestyle: political, social, or religious reasons, to detoxify the body, or health reasons. There is no right or wrong reason to do so; however, while this lifestyle does have its health benefits, care also needs to be taken to find appropriate sources to get the minerals and vitamins that are essential for optimum health. For example, iron is one mineral that is generally taken from protein (animal-based) sources. However, plenty of iron can be found in beans, dark leafy greens, and peanut butter. With a little detective work and some research, a balanced diet can be maintained.

Will I lose weight?
It is possible that weight loss could happen when first eating a diet that lacks any food coming from animals. However, one can overeat and still be vegan. It does not matter what diet plan one follows, the key to weight loss is to burn more calories than are being consumed. A Vegan Diet Plan should be followed for the reasons mentioned above, rather than just for weight loss.