5 Reasons Why You Get Hungry & How To Suppress Your Appetite

5 Reasons Why You Get Hungry & How To Suppress Your Appetite
It's been three weeks since I started on my diet plan. I’ve been doing well so far and I’m losing some weight already. Problem is, I feel famished! Seriously! My stomach keeps rumbling up an avalanche. I don’t get it! Why do I feel so hungry?

Sound familiar? How often do you go to bed wondering why your stomach is running angry protests? You have considered a handful of measures: giving yourself a fiber-intake boost, downing liters of water, eating salads or soups, even giving up to the whims of your belly. It would help if you know why you’re feeling hungry. To have a solution, you have to know the problem. So here are 5 likely reasons why you are always hungry and suggestions on how to suppress your furious appetite.

Reason 1: Guzzling Is Your Thing, As Opposed To Munching
Diets that are high in protein and low in carbohydrates tend to curb hunger. As a matter of fact, they increase satiety. On the other hand, when you need to muzzle your body to the complaints of your rumbling stomach, then how you get your protein really becomes important.
You may sometimes prefer taking your proteins in liquid form and opt for the good ole’ handy protein shake. However, there are many studies that indicate solid meals are more effective in suppressing hunger, even when liquid proteins may have the same nutritional benefits (Source: Nutrim School of Nutrition study).

You may also assume that supplements are quite helpful as you reach for your goals. Remember though, they in no way become a replacement for real food.

Reason 2: You’re an Ant by Day and an Owl By Night
You work so hard during the day, you carry on working at night and eventually deprive yourself of adequate sleep. Lack of sleep does a lot of harm to the body, doesn’t it? Other than interfering with your productivity in pretty much everything you do, sleep deprivation also influences how committed you will be to your diet plan. When you lack sleep, you boost Ghrelin levels, thus increasing your hunger anguish.
Moreover, you have probably already had the experience of not having enough sleep then having to get to normal business the next day. Your mood goes rogue. Isn’t that sure to get you off your diet wagon? How will you be able to stick to a diet on a day when your emotions are haywire and all over the place?

Reason 3: Your Cardio Regime is on a Low-Low
Cardiovascular exercise usually suppresses and manages hunger when it is done a certain way. In fact, it’s far more effective than that fluoro post-it note you keep on the fridge reminding you to stick to your diet. However, if you exercise in the wrong manner, it will do the opposite and send your hunger pangs through the roof. For instance, it does not help if you work out for hours at a low intensity such as LISS. There should be a build up of intensity.

Believe it or not, when you maintain exercise that has a low to moderate level of intensity, the Ghrelin hormone, which is associated with the stimulation of appetite, rises. High-intensity workouts, such as HIIT, however, lower the levels of Ghrelin and this fact has been noted by professional cyclists in Germany that have tested the levels of Ghrelin when comparing low intensity to high-intensity exercise. Therefore, if you are feeling hungry, increase your level of intensity as this should suppress your appetite for the short term.

Reason 4: Seeing Is “Craving”
There is a Swahili saying that goes like this, “The eyes have no curtains”. Unless you’re asleep, you can’t stop them from seeing. Seeing does a lot more than incept the feeling of believing. When the most attractive foods are laid bare right in front of you, a craving will obviously erupt. You see sweet desserts everywhere, on the internet, on your television, at the bakery down the street, at your friend’s house… your eyes just keep feasting!

Your nose also gangs up against you. It also stimulates hunger. It’s like your body parts are out to make your stomach “jealous”. As you walk past the bakery and you catch a sniff of the best cakes baking in the oven, your stomach will demand a feel of the good stuff too.

It’s surely futile trying to completely control what you sense especially when it’s in your immediate environment. Nevertheless, you need to try and play hard-to-get. Just like you don’t constantly go back to an ex who ruthlessly broke your heart, you shouldn’t revert to foods that could eventually kill you! As hard as it may be, you have to put in the effort not to give in when exposed to certain foods that drive your cravings crazy.

Reason 5: Isn’t It Lunch Time Yet?
Morning, midday and early evening; these are the times you are most likely to feel hungry. This is because your body has grown accustomed to feeding at these times of the day. Funny twist is that, sometimes, even though your diet plan requires that you eat more frequently, you still feel starved when traditional meal times clock in. Your hunger may be even more intense when you watch your colleagues eat.

You can work out a plan for that though. Try adjusting your meal times by changing a few of them and aligning them with the times you’re used to or if at work, eat when others eat.

Now that you know what could be contributing to your undying hunger, it’s about time you learn to deal with it and take steps to control it. Failure to do so could amount to you giving up on your journey to superb fitness and your ideal body. Completing your journey will give you lots of satisfaction. Not only will you become healthier, but you will also gain a certain satisfaction that comes with knowing you did the right thing despite the challenges you came across. Now that’s a definite victory!