Snack Smart: Snacks Under 200 Calories that Burn Fat

Snack Smart: Snacks Under 200 Calories that Burn Fat

Who said exercising alone burns fat? Well, news headline; eating snacks that burn fat can do the same without having to lift a single barbell or a drop of sweat (I guess lifting your hand to eat counts too).

When it comes to weight loss or healthy eating, snacks can be the game-changer. What we are trying to get at, is that there are certain healthy snacks that enter the body and undergo the process of burning fat. What’s even better is that these snacks that we will share with you are all under 200 calories. If you are on the weight-loss wagon, be sure to include these in your snack times to help the fat burning process along, whilst keeping to your daily calorie limits.

Eat more, gain less is the ultimate dream of every person walking on planet earth. We all know that we are what we eat and that what we eat affects our body shape. And this includes snacks! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are the essential requisites of every day, but we forget that what we eat in-between these meal courses are more significant for our body and health.

Hungry at 7 pm?

Are you the kind of person who gets hungry in between meal times? It’s very normal to feel hungry in between meals depending on your energy levels, your exertion levels and what your main meals are made up of. However, whether or not snacking is beneficial for weight loss, if you are going to snack, the utmost importance is to ensure it's healthy (not just to satisfy your sweet tooth).

But if you are going to choose oily, fried, unhealthy snacks then you will be doomed (really, there aren’t many other appropriate words to describe the effect these sorts of snacks have on your waistline, not to mention your health). Instead, go for nutritious snacks. So if you get the 7 pm hunger pains, think ‘doomed’ and opt for a variety of healthy snacks that make you full and with lesser calories.

Snacks That Burn FatSnacks That Burn Fat

One must be very careful in picking the right combination of snacks. It is the ‘snack stage’ where one must use his or her common sense (which, by the way, is not as uncommon as you think) and act according to it. The criteria for the best snacks to eat are, satisfying your needs, satisfying your hunger, nutritional value, calories and an extra one which will introduce today is whether the snacks assist with weight loss by burning body fat and increasing the sluggish metabolism.

In general, fiber and protein are the ‘holy grail’ when it comes to selecting the snacks that help you lose weight.

Allow us to guide you through this journey of smart eating and smart snacking, by suggesting some healthy and nutritious snacks that will excite your taste buds and burn calories in the meantime:

Greek YogurtGreek Yogurt

Yogurt, like any other dairy product, is so rich in protein that it has been considered as the major protein source for our body. However, it’s the Greek version of it we must devour. We hear so much about people raving about Greek yogurt; it grabbed our attention so we took a closer look.

What makes Greek yogurt so special in comparison to other yogurts? Greek yogurt is healthier and in demand because of its uniqueness of containing two times more proteins than the regular yogurt everyone normally consumes. Leslie Bonci, a nutritionist, (MPH, RD) confirms that it is the double whammy of protein that stays in our stomach for longer. This means it takes longer to digest and we don’t get hunger pains for a couple of hours – bonus! Pair it with some healthy fruits and berries and you have a beautiful, tasty and healthy snack.

Do we recommend it? Yeh baby! It is highly recommended to have Greek yogurt to make your body slim and perfectly healthy, just make sure you go for the low fat, low sugar or non-fat varieties. Also, keep away from the ‘greek style’ yogurts, they may have the word greek in them, but they are not the true Greek yogurt with these added benefits.

Apple MilkApple Milk

An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ is the most popular idiom of all time. Do you ever wonder why Apple has been given such importance over other fruits? Why the apple pops in our mind whenever someone talks about healthy eating or just eating fruits? Clearly, apples are a wonderful fruit, containing iron and pinch of natural sugars that keep your body fresh and composed throughout the day.

Try some skim milk and an apple, and you wouldn’t feel like eating anything for another couple of hours. Why the milk and apple combo? The apple and milk combo gives you everything you need in the form of proteins, fiber, and iron. You’ll find that the extra glass of milk alongside an apple will keep you satiated until your next meal. A perfect example of an intelligent snack! Go and feel intelligent!

We made up that word, but we are referring to FigsFigs

Figs are actually considered as the fruit of paradise; surely it does have some qualities to qualify for that rank. Compact packing: they are an excellent source of fiber in such a little shape. Figs are also a weight loss delight as they help burn body fat, help you keep fuller for longer and also contain a sugary element that satisfies a sweet tooth, not to mention a snack that is enticing and exciting for the taste buds. If you want something sweet, non-fatty and low calorie then figs are the bull’s eye for serving you with its remarkable weight loss qualities.

Want Lollies? Opt for LiquoriceLiquorice

Are you tired of your untimely cravings for sweets, candies, and chocolates? Licorice is the perfect substitute for your unhealthy, manipulative candies and chocolates. Licorice really helps in blocking the untimely cravings for that something sweeter. We love licorice because it contains and an enzyme that helps block fat accumulation in the body. Next time you think chocolate, think licorice.

Nuts are HealthyNuts

Are you nuts? It is the common expression we use daily in our lives to express the dumbness of a person. This means that we all think and our great grandparents really thought that nuts are the dumbest snack we can ever have. I mean, nuts are clearly thought to be so full in fats and calories that they are a perfect explanation to our oily skin, pimples and other oily malfunctions in our body? Right? WRONG!

What we are missing out here is that nuts really are very nutritious. A handful of nuts a day is enough to keep you full for quite a few hours. Like we always preach, you need to count them! Nuts are very easy to overindulge in and easy to go over your caloric limit.

Again, fiber, protein and naturally occurring healthy fats are just in the right proportion in nuts. You will love them for increasing the metabolism rate but also satisfying your hunger. It is time to consider nuts a healthy source of natural fats, proteins and fiber to keep your body functioning properly. We don’t just preach them for weight loss but the studies do too; a study done at Harvard revealed that women lost more weight when they had nuts as a snack than those women that used other snacks instead.

Cottage Cheese-Filled AvocadoCheese-Filled Avocado

A cottage cheese-filled avocado snack might be a tongue twister but it’s a smart, easy and healthy little recipe. You will thank us for suggesting this amazing combo of avocado with cottage cheese filling. If you want something creamy, rich and unpredictable then remove the upper part of an avocado, fill the pit with cottage cheese and savor the addictive taste of it. Yummy! You just got a hit of daily protein and fiber for the whole day.

Don’t restrict your creativity when it comes to food. This cottage cheese and the avocado recipe is just one of many healthy options available as a healthy snack. You can fill an avocado with any healthy veggies such as chopped capsicum and tomato. Don’t forget to add salt and pepper and some herbs to taste.

Do not fall prey to every other snack pack you see in the grocery store with the fancy packing saying “fat-free” or “fewer calories”. Make up your own snack time, make it exciting and healthy with nutritious fruits, vegetables and other recipes such as the cottage cheese avocado recipe we suggested above. These are not only healthy and nutritious snacks, but by eating them, you are keeping within your caloric limits for the day but you are also assisting in the fat burning process in your body.

This is your life, your body, and your health! Do not let any sneaky little snack ruin it for you, make healthy decisions, stay healthy and snack smart.