How to Get a Flat Stomach Without Exercise

How to Get a Flat Stomach Without Exercise
The enviable six-pack abs or a flat stomach, flat abs, toned belly, flat belly or whatever your fancy; they’re the ultimate mark of being ‘fit and sexy’. We all like it. However, you need to throw out the idea that you need to spend hours in the gym and do 100 sit-ups per day to get a flat stomach, it really is a lot simpler and easier than what you think.

Unfortunately, in this day and age of marketing ploys, personal trainers, gym memberships and extravagant new fitness cults and crazes, these simple methods just get overlooked. We explain the best way to get a flat stomach by incorporating only a few small diet and lifestyle changes.

Of course, not everyone truly wants the mid-section sculpture, but we all like it when we see it. For most of us, we would just be happy to get rid of the stomach fat that just doesn’t seem to want to go, no matter how many hours we spend at the gym. Some shy away from the idea of trying to work towards getting abs because they think it is punishment and self-inflicted pain!

The ultimate key to getting a flat and toned stomach is by losing body fat. Therefore, it’s not about counting how many crunches or situps you do every day. It’s ensuring you adopt some small changes in your lifestyle that will help you lose weight and overall body fat. This will enable you to have that flat belly you’ve always dreamed about.

By adopting these small changes in our mentality and our life, it really is the best way to get a flat stomach (not the mention the easiest). If you don’t believe us, try it for yourself.

What got us to write about this, to begin with? Well, after asking a few fit women at the gym what exercises they do to get their ‘toned stomach’ they all replied and said, ‘nothing’. All the fit women that we asked, don’t do any specific exercises for their abs, they don’t do hundreds of sit-ups a day or anything. They said that their abs get a workout from all the exercises that they do and the most important thing to get a flat stomach is to ‘eat right’. We have provided some ideas on how you get can burn belly fat without even doing a single crunch!

No. 1 – Let Go of the “Really Work Hard Mentality” and Embrace the “It’s All About The Food” AwarenessWe must shake you out of that dreamy state of believing that your countless numbers of crunches, leg lifts and sit-ups alone are what actually tones your tummy!

Let us say it clearly, working out is not the one and only way to get the sculptured tummy you so dream of and have been striving to get every time you hit the gym. We can confidently tell you that even professional athletes and magazine models would agree with us in this belief.

We don’t blame you for thinking that your workouts in the gym are the sole formula for the six-pack abs. For it is almost everyone you see sweating it out at the gym seem to have that toned stomach. But science, research papers, and our own personal experience stand to prove that the real key to perfect abs lies in the food that we eat.

The plain truth is this; our eating habits have a more significant impact on our effort to lose weight than our intensified physical activity. Have you heard of the saying ‘abs are made in the kitchen’? Well, this is 1000% true. It is the truest fact that the base for all six-pack abs programs is in the food that we eat.

No. 2 – Shift From Valuing ‘Quantity’ to Upholding ‘Quality’ It is not enough to just watch and measure how much you eat but you must also consider what you eat. The measure of how much calories you take is way too trivial compared to what kind of calories you take.  Here’s an example: If you eat high-quality foods that have no preservatives and are natural and organic, you will have stronger physical improvements than eating artificial and processed foods.

Let us clarify this more
1500 calories taken from grains, pasta, and potato chips are not the same as 2000 calories taken from vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins.  2000 calories from veggies and fruits are much better than calories from grains and pasta even though fruits and veggies have 500 more calories than the pasta and grain combination.

No.3 – Move Up From The “Daily Program” Thinking to the “Daily Lifestyle” Point of View
The successful pursuit of a fit and healthy lifestyle is made by a mentality that a healthy lifestyle is indeed a DAILY lifestyle. It is a way of life and constant thinking and disciplined behavior that makes us healthy. It is a developed inclination that fitness and health is not something you arrive upon one day and then set it aside the next day once you’ve achieved it.

You must toss away the habit of saying ‘I’ll start being healthy on Monday’ or saying ‘I’ll join the gym next week’. To truly achieve what we want, we need to start our journey now, the next half hour that you have available, throw your sneakers on and go for a half hour walk.

Attaining the six-pack abs, flat stomach, toned abs, flat belly or flat tummy is like all the other toned areas of our body. No body part can be toned and maintained by a periodic pursuit but rather by a daily commitment of making conscious little steps on a daily basis. Living healthy is a full-time and lifetime pursuit. Having a flat belly is exactly that!

If we never grasp and embrace this kind of outlook, we will never successfully achieve and maintain a well-toned body, most especially the midsection for that matter.

The bottom line is, losing belly fat and attaining a flat or toned stomach is about having a healthy lifestyle. Abs are made in the kitchen and no amount of sit-ups or crunches will ever give you a flat stomach if you don’t eat right. Therefore, how to get a flat belly is all about eating plenty of veggies, fruits, and proteins as well as doing workouts that help lose body fat, it’s not only about doing exercises that only target your abs.

We hope that these small changes in your lifestyle can help you become more disciplined and confident whilst also giving you an edge not just in the gym but also at home or even at work.