Kefir for Health and Diet – The Next Superfood?

Kefir for Health and Diet – The Next Superfood?
All we know is that Kefir is a growing trend for health enthusiasts, one filled with benefits in every sip – so let’s explore this new craze to ultimate health and well being.

Kefir – The Feel Good Food
Kefir is fermented milk that even many lactose intolerant people can drink. It is named for the Turkish word “good feeling” or “feel good.” And, boy, does Kefir live up to its name. It is rapidly becoming one of the new must eat superfoods, or shall we say correctly, must have super drinks to assist dropping pounds. You bet ya, with these sort of tag lines, saw it, studied it and we decided to get our hands and minds onto like a fish to water.

Kefir can help balance out the inner working of your digestive system. And yes, we are not scientists or surgeons, but when it comes to digestion, this plays a major role in weight loss.

Let’s start from the top, digestion is the process of bacteria breaking the food down into usable parts. Like yogurt, Kefir is loaded with probiotics, but Kefir is thought to surpass yogurt in that department. Lost? Don’t be, it will all make sense soon enough.

Kefir and Weight Loss? The types of bacteria in your belly have a direct effect on the calories absorbed by your body. By adding Kefir to your diet you are changing the weight loss game with rules in your favor.

The more good bacteria you have, the fewer calories you extract from food, and that is a massive plus when trying to lose weight!

Did We Mention the General Health Benefits of Kefir?
 It turns out that 80% of your immune defenses are in your digestive tract. By drinking Kefir you are basically turning timid bunny-like bacteria into boot wearing, ground stomping soldiers standing in your defense.

There is a catch. Isn’t there always? Homemade Kefir is leagues apart from what can be bought in stores. To put things in perspective, homemade Kefir has 35 different strains of good bacteria and yeast, compared to the store-bought of only 10 strains. Homemade does make a difference when it comes to Kefir because the process of pasteurization was invented to kill bacteria. Of course, however, there is a process when it comes to making your own so if you want to get the health benefits of Kefir, sometimes, it is just easier to grab it from your local store or buy it ready-made online.

Homemade KefirLuckily, it is easy to make your own Kefir and give your diet a boost by switching out bad bacteria for good. All you have to do is break the rules drilled into your head by the common wisdom.

The process begins with live kefir «grains»

By adding the grains to milk, in the quantity of your chosen recipe, you already have the drink brewing. All that is left is to leave the combination out in the kitchen for 18-24 hours. Filter the grains and put the finished product in the refrigerator. The end result is a drink that with a single serving has 10.5 grams of protein, yet only 100 calories – wow!

The benefits of Kefir do not end there. It is full of vitamins and minerals useful for healthy living including B vitamins that are essential for wellness. Kefir is a good source of B1 and B12, and it even has a B vitamin that helps your body better use other B vitamins! The phosphorus found in Kefir is necessary to help the body use carbohydrates and proteins.

All around, this one drink holds some of the harder to get nutrients that can give a boost to any fitness regimen.

The benefits go on and on, but perhaps the most effective way to understand the advantages of Kefir is to try it for yourself. Kefir can be used in all kinds of ways: to make smoothies, served with fruit, as part of a milkshake or ice cream recipe, even in cheesecake. This delicious and delightful drink is a great addition to many dishes, and frankly? It isn’t every day something this good for you, and so useful in losing weight comes along. The big question remaining is: What are you waiting for? Drink up!