Anti-Workout Foods: Foods That Can Ruin Your Workout

Anti-Workout Foods: Foods That Can Ruin Your Workout
If someone tells you that they eat any healthy food before or after their workout then do a favor to them by telling them that “not very healthy and light food is the required “fueling” for your workout.” If I tell you that I use water instead of petrol or CNG for my car then would you consider me a normal person or a dumb one? Of course, you will go for the second option without even thinking for a split second.

The point is, this is exactly the same in the case with work-out fueling. You cannot just, eat anything – in the name of giving you the ‘energy’ to exercise. Here we have included 11 sneaky so-called ‘healthy foods’ that are not so friendly to our bodies while we exercise.

Flax Seed – A Weight-Loss Weapon But Not Workout Fuel
Ok, it is understood that a high fiber diet is a good diet for weight loss, but it is also mistakenly understood as a good thing to eat before jumping into neck-breaking work-out. Taking fiber such as flax seeds before a workout is like, “I am going to work hard but before that, I will possibly put every hurdle in my way to impede me from my destination”. Any fiber diet like flax seed, fiber-full bread and others may impede your efforts of exercising because this causes bloating and gas in your stomach which is a hindrance in the way of a successful workout. Instead, carbohydrates and proteins can be taken as a good feeling.

So-Called Healthy Flavored Liquid Garbage
In order to be a money-making machine, companies market and advertise their flavored and colored beverages in such a way that a person can’t help but purchasing them, they look and sound cool right? But people who are dying to have a good workout session should close their eyes even at the sight of such products because they contain a very high amount of sugar and artificial sweeteners in them. It is not good to consume artificial sweeteners prior to a workout. Moreover, artificial sweeteners can harm healthy bacteria in the stomach which, if you have eaten prior to working out, will hinder proper digestion, leaving undigested food in your stomach whilst you work out.

High Sodium Is the Enemy of Liquid Balance
Some light snacks such as roasted nuts may be helpful in weight loss but should be avoided just before your workout. The high sodium content interferes with the required fluid balance in our bodies which can hinder our workouts. In saying this, avoid any salty foods prior to working out. Just remember, our bodies are made up mostly of water, and the last thing we want to do whilst we are working out is to disrupt the water balance.

Alligator Pears – AvocadosAvocadoes are recommended for weight loss and overall health as part of a diet full of fiber and good fats. As mentioned above, we’ve already highlighted the fact to avoid high fiber items before working out to help prevent bloating and gassiness.

Green Bananas – Take It and Forget WorkoutBananas are a great snack and a lot of people eat them prior to working out. However, opt for a good ole’ ripe yellow one. Unripe green bananas are not easily digested which causes bloating and gas. Why? Because unripe bananas have a high starch content that can’t be easily digested in comparison to ripe bananas which have more sugar than starch, this is a no-no as a pre-workout food item.

Stay Away from Gassy Vegetables
Vegetables take such an important role in our diet and lifestyle, they provide so much goodness to our health and weight loss efforts (they also assist in the digestion process). If you are going to get in a quick workout for the day then avoid eating these vegetables prior:
  • peas 
  • broccoli 
  • cauliflower 
These vegetables cause gas problems and bloating, the last thing you want when you are exercising.

Boiled Egg but Not to the Point of DestructionEggs are essential to a healthy diet, just don’t consume one prior to exercise. We all love eggs due to their high protein content but it’s because of this that they can hinder your workout as the protein stays in your stomach without getting properly digested. Why? Because there aren’t enough carbohydrates to help the digestion process, if you still want to eat an egg before a workout, opt to combine it with some healthy carbohydrates to assist the digestion process, don’t have the egg alone.

Avoid DairyDairy products can help a person who wants to show the whole world that they are exercising but their conscious mind knows that they are actually destroying it before even working out by taking dairy products. What we are saying is that Dairy / Milky foods can cause you to be more sluggish, sleepy and lazy during your workout, inhibiting you to push yourself.

Most Wanted – CoffeeIf someone tells you to have coffee before and after a workout then tell them that why don’t I get a cold drink? As both serve the same purpose and that is to load you with sugar. It has both workout food (caffeine, which keeps you fresh) and anti-workout food (sugar). If you are one of those people that thrive on a coffee as a natural pre-workout drink, avoid loading it with teaspoons of sugar.

Disaster to Energy
Energy drinks, by their name, show that they are made to give energy like electricity and speed like a leopard but its components prove that the name given to the product is wrong. Energy drinks comprise a very high amount of sugar which makes you a tortoise, which although you’ll surely get an energy spike, you will be soon to find out, in an hour-long workout, it does nothing more than impede your endurance efforts.

Energy Indeed but Not for Exercising
Protein shakes are commonly used by everyone who wishes to watch their diet and weight loss. It’s true, protein shakes help all of us with our physique, assist in getting to our goal weight, help regulate hunger, but all in all, they are not the best to be consumed as fuel for exercise.

I know, weird, everyone seems to be downing them prior to working out?!? Well here’s why they are not optimal as a pre-workout drink – most (not all) but a large majority of the highly advertised protein shakes contain dairy products and sugar in them. And if you have been following us so far, you will know that it’s the combination of dairy and sugar that is the not-so-good part of the fueling process. Don’t think you need to completely boycott protein shakes, but be selective (we recommend Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey)  in ensuring you get the best protein shake to assist your efforts. And by all means, consuming a protein drink as a post workout is absolutely fine.

Golden Tip: Take it or Leave It and Take It At A Different Time
Our Fit Addict Team’s golden tip is this: do not take any of the above foods 2 hours before your workout time. Yes – most of these foods ARE healthy but you just need to re-classify them as non-fuel foods and consume them at other times during the day.