Best Smoothies For Weight Loss

Best Smoothies For Weight Loss
If you are looking for the best smoothie for weight loss, you are looking for a drink that is a little thicker, fresher and tastier than just a weight loss milkshake or protein shake; a smoothie for weight loss with a little more Zang and flavor without compromising too many calories.

Often when it comes to looking at the best smoothies for weight loss around the web, it comes down to this: the choice of a sugar rush (so smoothies that appear to have low fat/low calories but are loaded with sugar) vs swamp water (smoothies that look awfully dull and so green they look and taste like swamp water…).

Although they appear colorful and tasty, the sugar-rush smoothies are sadly a no-go for weight loss regimens. You can usually differentiate them easily enough: if you didn’t make it yourself and are questioning if there really is anything resembling fruit in it, you may want to hesitate. If you take a sip and your first thought is, “mmm that tastes very sweet” you have unquestionably gone too far.

At the other end of the spectrum is the stereotype of the healthy smoothie: what we call ‘swamp water’. If you can drink smoothies like these, we truly admire you and are cheering you on. They can hold many virtues in their murky depths. For the day to day, though, there has to be a middle ground and there is, of course, exactly that. Our weight loss smoothies that contain real fruit, very little fat and low in calories.

Sometimes simplicity is best.
Whether you are a new reader or an avid-fan (thanks by the way!), you will know (or soon find out) that we are advocates of ‘moderation is key’. So accordingly to our philosophy, if you want a smoothie for weight loss, you’ll get a smoothie with a little more calories (not a heap more but a tiny bit, but don’t get scared of the word calorie!) than the standard boring protein shake BUT the macro breakdown is much healthier than both mentioned above, i.e the sugar rush and green swamp water smoothies.

What’s important to note is not just the calories in weight loss smoothies, you need to also take into account the macro breakdown, i.e below we have indicated how many grams of protein in order to assist you with your weight loss goals.

The Peach SmoothieThis weight loss smoothie has approximately 213 calories and perhaps the easiest smoothie we have ever made.
For one serving it only takes a song-length of effort to make. So! Crank up the tunes and do some warm-up stretches while it blends.
  • Skim milk (1 cup)
  • Frozen unsweetened peaches (1 cup)
  • Flaxseed oil (2 tsp)
Blend the skim milk and the frozen unsweetened peaches in a blender for one minute. Pour in a glass and then stir in flax-seed oil.

Tropical Morning SmoothieThis weight loss smoothie offers a sweet 22 g of protein which is great for a workout recovery shake or a great start to the day (a great option for a healthy and quick breakfast).

Not only is it super refreshing, but it also contains only 6.1 g of fat (good fats of course!).
  • Plain nonfat Greek yogurt (6 oz.)
  • Fresh or frozen mango chunks (1/2 cup)
  • Fresh pineapple chunks (1/2 cup)
  • Frozen banana (1 chopped)
  • Ground flaxseed (2 tbs)
Berry Pomegranate SmoothieDoes something a little tangier sound appealing? Try the Berry Pomegranate Smoothie for a kick start to your weight loss regime. 
  • Frozen mixed berries (1 cup)
  • Pomegranate juice (½ cup)
  • Medium banana (1/2, chopped)
  • Low-fat cottage cheese (1/4 cup)
  • Water (1/4 cup)
Optional ingredient: For extra sweetness, you can try adding a 1-3 date.

Vanilla Yogurt and Blueberry SmoothieThe Vanilla Yogurt and Blueberry Smoothie are one of our favorites… though you have been warned: it has a higher calorie count than the other weight loss smoothies here. To balance the high calories out, it’s still a great weight loss smoothie because it contains a whopping 18 g of protein to help recover from a workout. 
  • Skim or soy milk (1 cup)
  • Vanilla yogurt (6 oz)
  • Fresh Blueberries (1 cup)
  • Ice (1 handful)
  • Flaxseed oil (1 tablespoon)
Throw all but the flaxseed oil into a blender for a minute or so. Pour into a cup and then stir in the flaxseed oil. So not only are these smoothies great as a post-workout drink, they are very handy for a healthy breakfast or even as a healthy snack during the day.

With the lovely way all these smoothies taste and the added benefit of MUFA* (monounsaturated fats) to help burn calories, they are a go-to treat that your body will thank you for. These low-calorie smoothies are a better weight loss solution than the “red” flavored liquid that is full of so much sugar or the swamp water?