Low Impact Exercises For Bad Knees

Low Impact Exercises For Bad Knees
Having a case of bad knees, try these six low impact exercises for bad knees
In the fitness world, Knee injuries are commonplace and to some people that marks the end of their fitness endeavors. In some other quarters, bad knees may result from accidents, falls, being overweight, the list is endless. Bad knees, however, should not preclude you from pursuing your fitness agenda based on the fear of aggravating them further.

There are several forms of exercises out there that are best suited to persons with bad knees without aggravating these injuries, in most case they even let your knees recover and gain strength.

  1. Walking –walking is a useful exercise, but it has been found to be quite an efficient fitness method for people with knee problems. It is imperative that your walking shoes are well cushioned. If walking indoors, do it on the trends mill as the mat feature proper cushioning. When walking outdoors, keep to the dirt trails or places with plenty of grass.
  2. Water-based exercising –Exercising in water has been found to slow down knee degeneration while allowing you to remain fit and healthy. The buoyancy effect combined with little impact, water-based cardio relieves stress from the knees reducing pain and allowing a greater range of motion. Swimming is also an excellent exercise for bad knees, but you might want to keep away from the breaststroke and the butterfly that put a considerable strain on the knees.
  3. Partial squats– it might seem ironical performing squats on bad knees, but they are termed as the best exercises for building strong leg muscles. Stronger leg muscles stabilize and strengthen the knee joints, reducing the stress on the sensitive knee joint. Initially, the partial squats should be performed by standing with your legs spread hip width in front of a chair and slowly bending from the hips, lowering your body halfway to the chair. Oh, please be sure to keep your abs tight and never bend your knees past your toes.
  4. Calf raises –these are quite useful in building your leg power and strength in the quest to relieve stress from your knees. Initially, you might want to use a chair or a wall for support. Make sure your legs are hip wide apart with the toes pointing forward, and slowly raise the heels of the floor rising onto your toes. Hold the top of the motion for a few moments and slowly lower down and repeat.
  5.  Step-ups –in addition to strengthening your legs, step ups are a great cardiovascular workout that is, depending on the intensity, friendly to your knees. They can be performed at the gym or at home. Stairs make significant step ups for sensitive knees since they have a low elevation level.
  6. Dancing – there is quite a wide variety of dances classes available that provide low-impact cardio activities that will compliment your fitness agenda. Dancing tones and stretches all the body muscles in addition to being gentle on your knees. So whether you are pulsating to the lively beats of salsa or Zumba classes or twirling and twisting in a ballet class, your knees are in a safe place.
It is always advisable to take it easy on the knees and seek a doctor’s opinion before engaging in any physical activities that might put some strain on your knees.